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One of the Top and most trusted Recruitment Center here in the Philippines.

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Discover Our Journey So Far

We are a leading company dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their dreams through innovative solutions and exceptional services.

About City Employment Center Inc. (CECI)

City Employment Center Inc. is a recruitment service provider centering to Filipinos aspiring to work overseas to foreign clients needing the world class service of Filipino workers. CECI has been one of the leading recruitment agencies in the country to deploy competitive and well-trained Filipino workers abroad since it was founded and licensed in 1994 by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administrator.


The Number One Recruitment Center in the Philippines

Mission And Vision

The Company envisions itself as a proponent for employment generation for Filipinos and the promotion of cultural and economic ties between Taiwan and the Philippines through recruitment and placement of workers to Taiwan-based companies that offer competitive compensation and benefits for the overall improvement of the lives of Filipino families.

– Its mission is to ensure that Filipino workers with the appropriate skills are matched with the companies in Taiwan in need of qualified hard-working talent. “A job for every Filipino applicant” is its overall goal.


City Employment Center Inc. specializes in placing competitive workers who possess the necessary skills, motivation, abilities, and flexibility to excel in today’s fast-paced labor market. Our meticulous selection process ensures that our clients receive individuals who demonstrate exceptional expertise, professionalism, and a strong work ethic. We carefully match each person to positions where they can thrive, whether it’s caretakers providing compassionate care, machine operators with technical proficiency, manufacturing workers showcasing efficiency, or domestic helpers showing dedication. By offering competitive labor solutions and meeting our clients’ employment requirements, we help them achieve long-term growth and success in their respective industries.

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